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Block Story



Raw Materials: Nether Brick Piece: Primarily used to make Nether Bricks

Nether Quartz: Obtained by mining Nether Quartz Ore in the Nether

Paper: Basic crafting material used to make books.

Pumpkin: Pumpkins are a rare spawning block that can show up on grass or snow blocks. They spawn alone or in groups and can be worn as a helmet with no armor value.

Pumpkin Seed: Pumpkin seeds will grow a central stem, that grows to max size before spawning a Pumpkin next to it. The seeds can be found in Abandoned Mine Shaft chests.

Redstone Dust: When used on the ground, redstone dust will lay redstone wire. It's also used to craft items that work with redstone circuits and increase the potency of several potions.

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