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Raw Materials: Glowstone Dust: Glowstone dust drops when a glowstone block is destroyed. It can be used to re-create a glowstone block. It can also be used to reverse the effect of redstone dust on potions.

Gold Ingot: Used to craft gold items. While gold tools have extremely low durability, they do work the fastest.

Gold Nugget: Dropped by Zombie Pigman. Can be crafted into Gold Ingots.

Gunpowder: Used to craft TNT. Gunpwoder can only be obtained by killing creepers or ghasts, or occasionally in a dungeon chest.

Iron Ingot: Used to craft many valuable items, making it one of the most useful items in the game.

Lapis Lazuli (Dye): Used primarily to color wool.

Leather: Used to craft low durability armor.

Melon Seed: Melon seeds will grow melons.

Milk: Used in cooking. Obtained by right-clicking a cow with a bucket.

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