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Raw Materials: Blaze Rod: Blaze rods are a materials that is used in making Brewing Stands. They are also involved as a raw material for potion making and can be used as fuel for furnaces.

Bone: Used to make bone meal or to tame wild wolves.

Bone Meal: Bone Meal is crafted out of skeleton bones and is used for dying wool and as a fertilizer.

Book: Used in the creation of bookshelves and book and quills.

Carrot: Carrots are a consumable food that can be planted on farms.

Charcoal: Acts primarly as a fuel source for furnaces, powered minecarts and for the crafting of torches.

Clay Ball: Clay balls are uncommon items received from mining clay blocks.

Coal: Acts primarly as a fuel source for a furnace, powering powered minecarts and crafting torches.

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