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Dwarven Miner



Potions Minecraft: Gunpowder: Used to craft TNT. Gunpwoder can only be obtained by killing creepers or ghasts, or occasionally in a dungeon chest.

Magma Cream: The magma cream is an ingredient involved in potion making using the brewing stand.

Mundane Potion: Mundane potions are a base potion with no effects made from the brewing stand.

Nether Wart: Nether wart is a grow-able plant in the nether. Placing it in Soul Sand is the only place the nether wart will grow.

Potion of Fire Resistance: Potion of fire resistance reduces damage taken from fire and lava and are made from the brewing stand.

Potion of Harming: Potions of harming damages the player for three hearts and are made from the brewing stand.

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