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Potions Minecraft: Fermented Spider Eye: The fermented spider eye is an ingredient involved in potion making using the brewing stand.

Ghast Tear: Item dropped by ghasts ghast tears are an ingredient that can be added to awkward potions to make potion of regeneration by using a brewing stand.

Glass Bottle: Glass bottles are containers for potions made from the brewing stand.

Glistering Melon: Glistering Melons are non-edible ingredient involved in potion making using a brewing stand.

Glowstone Dust: Glowstone dust drops when a glowstone block is destroyed. It can be used to re-create a glowstone block. It can also be used to reverse the effect of redstone dust on potions.

Golden Carrot: Golden Carrots are an edible food used in Potion of Night Vision and, indirectly, Potion of Invisibility.

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