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Vehicles Minecraft: Boat: A vehicle that provides easier movement through oceans or any large body of water.

Minecart: Minecarts are rideable objects that you place on rails. They can carry people, creatures or items(storage). They move much faster than walking. Get in by right-clicking once placed.

Minecart (Powered): Moves on rails similar to a normal minecart, but accepts coal (lasts about 4 minutes) or charcoal as fuel for powered movement. Can be used to push other minecarts.

Minecart (Storage): Operates just like a normal minecart, while being able to carry a chest of items. Right-click to add items to the cart. These carts cannot be ridden.

Minecart With Hopper: A minecart with a hopper combines the functionality of both the minecart and the hopper

Minecart With TNT: A minecart with TNT combines the functionality of both the minecart and TNT.

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