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Tools Minecraft: Anvil: Anvils are used to rename and repair items. Unlike crafted repairs, anvils can keep enchantments, and add new ones

Bowl: Used to make mushroom stew. Currently, there are no other uses.

Bucket: Used to carry water, milk or lava.

Carrot on a Stick: Used to control pigs that have a saddle on them.

Chest: A placeable block used to store items.

Clock: Used to tell time. It cannot be used to predict a precise hour, but the icon image changes depending on the position of the sun/moon.

Compass: The compass will point to your last spawn point. Straight up means straight ahead.

Ender Chest: A placeable block used to store items. They function like normals chests, but their items can be accessed by any other ender chest in the world.

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