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Raw Materials: Seeds: Seeds are used to grow wheat, and can be found by tilling grass or harvesting fully-grown wheat.

Slimeball: A bit of goo dropped by slime (small).

Snowball: Obtained when a snow block (drops 4 snowballs) or snow (drops 1 snowball) is destroyed with a shovel of any type. Snowballs cause no damage, but do provide a knockback.

Stick: Used as a crafting ingredient for many things. Sticks are good.

String: Used in crafting with no outside functions.

Sugar Cane: Sugar cane is used to create paper and sugar. It can be planted on any grass, sand or dirt block located immediately adjacent to water.

Wheat: Grown when farming by planting seeds. Wheat is used for cooking. It can also be used to breed certain animals by feeding them when in a group of two or more.

Wool: Dropped by sheep when they are killed, but best obtained from sheep by using shears. Wool can be dyed into 16 different colors and is used for decoration or crafting.

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